Friday, January 30, 2009

One Kangaroo Court Reminds Me of Another

Blago Is Right: His Trial Is Completely Unfair
By Tommy De Seno Attorney/Writer
The article is worth reading.

Is Blago guilty? I don't know but do believe that the low behavior exhibited here is typical of our politicians.

This type of kangaroo court reminds me of when Evan Mecham was kicked out of being governor of Arizona. I was able to listen to a lot of the impeachment proceedings on the radio. Almost every question asked of him was a leading question. The "Have you quit beating your wife yet?" type question. It was a complete farce and actually pretty entertaining to see these so called pillars of their communities acting like a lynch mob.

Keep in mind that Ev had six felony indictments by a state grand jury but Mecham was acquitted of violating campaign laws in the criminal courts. The jury returned the verdict in three hours.

Ev was live entertainment as far as the series of gaffs that came one after another. The real problem was that he would not play nice with the establishment so the kangaroo court started.

MLK was another big issue at that time. Ev had negated it as it had been created illegally. It was actually created illegally by AZ law at that time. Ooh - Ev must be racist. The holiday then went to public vote and was defeated. Aah - AZ is really racist. Actually it was defeated because people were tired of their tax bondage paying for government employee holidays. It is my opinion that government employees should have no more paid holidays than the private sector offers. It is good that MLK Day was finally set up here to honor the man. It still doesn't mean that this honor requires a cash outlay. Oh well - I diverge from topic.

It is ironic that our representatives, who are mainly attorneys, can get together for a kangaroo court and do not see any problem with it. Gives you a real warm fuzzy feeling about them doesn't it?

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