Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Taurus is Gone, Long Live EAA

I received the 24/7 Pro back with a quick note that said, "Replaced firing pin and grips." I take it that means that they had to break the grips off to get inside to free the slide? I went back to the range and it functioned perfectly again but still shot as low as ever. This was mentioned when it was sent in. It is assumed that Taurus figured that I was not using the straight 8 sights correctly. You could cover the target with these sights at ten yards and still be shooting eight inches low. I gave up on it. Over a thousand rounds and still can't shoot it well and I hate the sights.

I traded it in for an EAA Elite Match 9mm on Monday and was off to the range. This handles better than my Commander! It probably doesn't hurt that the barrel is an inch longer. I settled down, after a bit a practice, and found that I could shoot a 10 round 3.5" pattern at 10 yards. Not a bad turnout for my limited talents. It ate a variety of ammo without a hiccup. I even fed it a couple of CCI's shotshells and Magsafe scorchers. Nice.

I guess that I like the 1911 style pistols the best. Switching back and forth with the Commander was no problem. The EAA Match is one smooth operator.

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