Monday, November 24, 2008

Steel Shoot

Yesterday was another steel shoot and a chance to try out the EAA Match. My first error was that I did not know that it was a "regular" shoot versus the challenge match. The regular shoot is set up as a fun shoot with a variety of targets and lots of them. I did not take enough 9mm with me. One stage had two plate racks, Texas star, and six dogs. One rack was missing a plate so we had a total of 22 targets. The other stages had 12 targets each.

The EAA did not like having 17 in the magazine. It is supposed to take 18 but it is so difficult to get that last one in, even with a loader, that I went with 17. It did not want to load the first one. I dropped to 16 and all was fine. Guess that I will leave them loaded up and see if that improves. Other than that, it was a pleasure to shoot and my times were better. Maybe I can start to push Kevin.

I shot one pass on the last stage with the EAA and second pass with the Commander. I was two seconds off with the Commander but there was an extra magazine change. I also had a hot one eject right down my shirt. Darn that was hot on my tummy! I probably lost a little more time pulling my t-shirt out to get rid of the hot brass. The RO was amused. He commented that a couple seconds off wasn't bad with the extra mag and undressing!