Friday, December 25, 2015

Hawkins 54 Kit Gun

I mentioned earlier that I had picked up a kit gun for cheap from a fellow whose relative never assemble it. All the parts are there. I am took a few pictures along the way.
Unfinished, ready for 1st coat.

I an using Minwax Antique Oil Finish on this one also. I like this finish as it dries hard but is not glossy.

1st coat

1st coat drying
2nd coat

2nd coat

2nd coat

Quite a bit of sanding was done after the 2nd coat.
3rd coat

3rd coat

3rd coat

4th coat

4th coat

4th coat

4th coat

This is just about where I want to be. I think one more coat after a quick steel wool. and it is assembly time.

None of the brass got buffed and polished as it is planned to just let it tarnish naturally.
Assembled! The barrel is Mud Brown Flat Cerekote.

Finish is not high gloss nor was it desired to be so. This one is going out in the field.

I love the double trigger on this. You can set it so that the final drop is almost a hair trigger. Almost, as I won't set it that far!

Were the rear sights traditionally adjustable for elevation and windage? Hahaha!

I hate the way I did the ramrod. Needs a coat of walnut oil stain and will get one soon. This is attention grabbing and detracts from the overall looks.

I still hate it!

That is a white Cerekote dot on the front sight.

My trusty helper, AJ, has been assisting every step of the way. He actually belongs to daughter #2 who is in Okinawa with her Marine hubby. AJ has become my shadow and thinks that he is also my protector!
Finally got the ramrod a color that looks decent.

Now to get some loads together for the Blogger Shoot on the 10th!


Kevin said...

I draw the line at front-stuffer charcoal burners, but that's pretty cool!

You using BP or Pyrodex with that?

Primeval Papa said...

I thought that I would be nice to others at the range and stick to Pyrodex. It is only about half as smokey!