Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Park Service Will Never be Viewed the Same

Report: Armed rangers forced senior-citizen tourists to stay inside their hotel during Yellowstone visit because of shutdown

Grand Canyon Cites People For Entering Closed Park

The National Park Service and its Rangers have been viewed as stewards of the parks and helpful to public. Guess what boys and girls? You have managed to take that reputation and grind into the mud in a very short period of time. Rangers, do you take an oath to the constitution or to be a political toady? Don't bother to try to explain as your actions speak much clearer than noises that will emanate from your mouths. People are already hearing the various excuses that start off with the infamous, "We are only following orders." Good luck with that excuse as it hasn't worked well in the past. You haven't shot anyone yet but, given the enthusiasm with which some of the officer are conducting their "duties", I am now sure that some officers would relish the opportunity.

I can understand (maybe) the need to shut down some sensitive areas like some access to the Petrified Forest but the Grand Canyon. Are you afraid that someone is going to steal the Grand Canyon? You can't hike on a trail that existed before this area was designated as park?

The populace now deems you as untrustworthy. It appears that your oaths were just lies.  The politically driven actions of the Park Service have alienated so many people that your reputation is soiled with no hope of recovery. Some officers are only now worrying that their reputations will be damaged. News flash - it's too late as your reputations are permanently damaged. No one will ever look at you the same way again. It is a shame to see an organization that at one time was so well regarded descend into infamy as yet another armed political overlord organization. It appears that you managed something that I would have bet money was not possible - a lower ranking in public opinion polls than the IRS. Perhaps that is the way you have always been but were just good at hiding it. Sad.

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