Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BAG Day 2012

Update - I was at the gun show this last weekend and what did I find? That Bernardelli Model 80 in 22LR. The price was right and it is now mine. My wife queried, "Isn't that the one I liked?" Sure is sweetie!

I was roaming the gun show yesterday. What else is more important on BAG Day? I enjoy roaming around and looking at all the goodies.What did I spy but an old Bernardelli Model 80 in quite good shape. I used to have one of these in 22LR but I traded it off for Ruger Single Six Convertible in stainless. I wish I had kept the Bernardelli. That Single Six never shot 22 mags worth a darn. It was OK with the LRs but that was it. I hardly used it as I had actually bought it for the 22 mag.

I later found out that it was also not a good trade for another reason. My wife really liked it and she shot it well. I traded off that Single Six for a Walther P22. A couple of years ago, I purchased an Old Model Single Six Convertible from one of my lodge brothers. This one shot both the LR and mag quite nicely. Too bad the New Model couldn't match it. So the Bernardelli became another one of those I regretted selling.

Now back to the gun show. The Bernardelli I was looking at was a .380 caliber. That model was produced in 22LR, .32 and .380. I don't think they ever bothered with a .25. I liked it, I bought it, so there! I am curious to get this one to the range and see if it shoots as well as the 22 did. The fixed barrel on these tends to make them pretty accurate. Looks like this.
I am still looking for the same in a 22 that is in good shape. I had seen another about a year or two ago in .32 and was interested. It was not in as good of shape and the vendor thought is was worth $400. I offered $200 and was informed that was the price and that they weren't budging. I wished them a nice day and suggested that they would have that pistol for some time. I saw them about a year ago again and was still there. I again offer $200 but was given the same line. I laughed and continued on. I saw it about six months ago and it was still tagged at $400. The vendor asked if was still interested. I reminded them that I had made offers twice and they surely remember what I offered. They said they had more into it than that. Your poor bargaining choice does not mean that I become your "sucker of the day". We will see if it still around in another year or so. The usual question can then be asked, "Aren't you tired of toting that around yet?"

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