Monday, July 09, 2012

Fishing at Parker and Crescent

My darlin' wife and I went fishing on July 1st at Parker Canyon Lake. The fishing was average, meaning that we caught a bunch of sunfish and kept a few of the larger ones. I always get a two pole stamp so that I can throw some bait in deeper water while playing with the sunfish. I ended up with one Rainbow Trout about 14" long fishing that way.

It was overcast and a bit cooler than normal making for a very enjoyable day. It had started to sprinkle about 1 PM and then commenced to rain a bit harder. We took the boat closer to the landing in case it got bad and proceeded to fish some more. There had been no thunder or lightning so we put on rain gear and continued fishing until............there was one large thunderclap directly overhead. We didn't hear any sizzle so figured it was atmospheric.

I must say that I have never seen my wife pull up the front anchor with such enthusiasm while very firmly and loudly proclaiming it was time to go! We motored over to the launch only to have it quit raining and clear up. That was fine as we had spent more time than originally planned so decided we would call it a day.

Daughter #2 was camping with her Marine (not aquatic - armed services) boyfriend and his family over the weekend in the mountains. She said it was camping but I never really considered an RV as camping. They went to Crescent Lake to fish and there was nary a nibble. I never bother fishing Crescent as it is very shallow and sometimes there is a full fish kill during the winter due to lack of oxygen. I checked and there had not been a fish kill this last winter. They probably were not holding their mouths correctly while fishing. They should have gone the extra three miles to Big Lake.

We were aware of their skunked status so we paused prior to cleaning our fish. We took a picture of trout and sent it along with a text message that said, "This is a trout." We wouldn't dream of rubbing it in....much! Hahahaha!

The baked trout and a few fried sunfish made a perfect dinner for two.

BTW, I need some Marine jokes that don't involve a monkey at the bar (already heard that one) or foul language.


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