Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Collecting Relics

I must be a sucker for old things. Last year I bought a Springfield 1842 musket from a friend of a friend for $80. It probably wasn't even worth that much but it was still neat. It was sporterized and in poor shape. The modifications look to have taken place quite some time ago if the patina is any indication. The barrel is in poor shape so I will need to find out if I can ream out that .69 bore. Suggestions would be welcome. It appears that if I get the barrel smooth again along with a replacement nipple that I would be able to actually shoot this one as the rest of the weapon works.

Last week I just purchased a Czeck vZ 52 and a Russian Mosin Nagant 1942. Both of these are in good shape. The 52 looks quite clean while the Mosin looks like a servicable unit. These I picked up from a friend's son who needed some cash. I have no particular use for either but it seemed like a good deal so there you go!

I need to get to the range now as I need to sight in the new scope (2 CDS dials to work with) on my 300 Win Mag, sight in the modified VariX IIc (new CDS installed) on the 30-06, try out the Mosin, and see where the 52 shoots.

The 52 has two magazines and a fine old leather holster.  I wonder if the 7.62x25 is considered minor or major for a bowling pin shoot?

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Kevin said...

Minor. Definitely minor. But I expect it will do some damage to the pins anyway.