Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My 5 Most Wanted - Today

I believe that Robb started it and I picked it up at Kevin's so here we go!I could go for either of these. Top is a Kentucky Long Rifle flintlock in 36 cal and the lower is a Sprinfield 1863 percussion in 58 cal. Both are rifled and yes I would shoot them regardless of collector status. Like they were never shot before anyways.

Next up would be an AA-12 and don't forget a large supply of the combat frag 12 rounds to keep zombie hordes in line.

I would like a Beowulf 50. Why, because it is a 50 and has a great name. Is any further reason needed?

How about a SABR with all three uppers, of course.

And last but not least the Calico M110.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

I have a strong urge for a .50 Beowulf, too. Something makes me want to go feral hog hunting in Texas with something that will knock those porkers DOWN.