Monday, October 17, 2011

Firebird Raceway NHRA Nationals 2011

I have made my annual pilgrimage to Firebird for the drag races. I was surprised that it was switched this year to October. It hit 100 degrees so there were no really fast runs due to track temperatures but there were a lot of completed runs. It was a great, if hot, day! I like to roam the pits for a little it in the morning. No telling who might be around.

One must get the morning wafting of nitro-methane to energize the day!

Yes ladies, there are pink dragsters.

Self explanatory.

Wonder if those heads will fit the Bronco?

We counted 8 trailers for Force Racing. 

The Sarge.

And they're off!

A few videos are here for your viewing entertainment. The little camera does not do justice on the sound portion. I think that the camera shake is just the ground pounding vibration of top fuel. It couldn't be me.

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