Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Morning Blues

Some days just don't go as planned. One AM Sunday morning daughter number two wakes me up because a sound was heard in the garage. Well that sound was the shelf unit holding reloading goodies partially collapsing. Two bottom legs had given way and my shelf was a leaning tower of Pisa. There was little loaded ammo but plenty of brass, bullets, dies, and other sundry pieces had been loaded on the shelf. It was not overloaded by the shelf specifications but plastic shelving in the AZ heat apparently does not even retain half of its load capacity.

We moved the reloading table and moved brass and bullets out of the way to get to the shelf. I did not want to step on any brass and ruin it. I needed about four hands to try to keep things that were still on the shelf in place so they could be relocated to the living room. I have always thought that reloading equipment and supplies make perfect living room decorations. Other have different ideas concerning decor.

Thank goodness only 3-4 boxes opened up when hitting the floor. Most boxes have 500 each of this and that. We pulled the shelf out to the porch and decided the rest could wait until the morning. I set my alarm for 6 AM so I could be at Lowes at 7 to buy a heavier duty metal frame shelf. Oh well, I figured four hours sleep and then maybe a nap later in the day.

I got up and perused the garage again while getting ready. It was pretty impressive. I had not seen anything as scattered as this since the time I dumped #9 shot all over the living room while reloading shotshell. That previous event involved getting a clean paper bag put into my shop vac and sucking up shot out of the carpet. Wouldn't want to waste it. Later on my wife commented that there must be something wrong with the vacuum as every so often it would really make some rattling noises. I guess that I did not get all the #9 up and it was still working its way to the surface. It was hard not to laugh and I went ahead and confessed - but I am getting off track.

I was ready to venture outside and get that shelf except I noticed that the van seemed to be lacking a spare tire. There were pieces of broken lock and a lug nut on the ground but no tire. I had parked in the street to leave driveway space for daughter #1 and neglected to set the alarm. Gee, I wonder how long it will take for the police to arrive so that I can get an incident number. It was only about 20 minutes since it was 7 AM Sunday morning with little going on. The morning was disappearing.

I did get to Lowes and get the shelf. The loose parts on the floor were gathered into boxes for later sorting. Now I could go about sweeping the floor, setting the new shelf, empty the living room, sorting part/pieces back into their original containers, and finishing organizing it all. I never did get that nap.

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