Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Belated New Year

The evening of December 30th I was starting to feel like I was coming down with The Bug. Regardless of minor inconveniences, we (my bow and I ) went for a walk the following morning which was New Years Eve. It had stormed and there was snow on the mountain! I did not see any deer sign in the snow at lower elevations so I started to work up higher where some sign was showing. Snow was a little deeper too but not enough to bother the deer. There was a spot that was worth watching so I found a spot to hang out for while. I was feeling worse as the day went on. I heard voices from around a hilltop and from a ways away. Sounded like they were a having a moving party as they were laughing and talking. I eventually watched them cut across the face of a ridge line. It was a family (I guess) or four that was out for a walk. I just stayed tight to see if they would move anything around. Apparently they didn't find a good trail the way they were going and came back across the face and then were contouring down in my direction. They got within about 20 yards of me before I moved a little and the man in lead realized that someone was there. I could hear him whisper to his wife(?), "There's a guy there, looks like a hunter." Gee, I wounder what the first clue was that I might be a hunter. Was it the camo and bow? The lady said, "Gee, I hope he doesn't mistake us for deer." I said, "Hello. Beautiful morning isn't it? Ma'am, no one is going to mistake you for deer with all the laughing and conversation." We had a nice short visit as they were obviously out for morning adventure in the snow and did not seem anti-hunting. They hoped that they hadn't spoiled anything for my hunt. I had let them know that they had not spoiled anything and that the area was for everyone's use. We wished each other well and off they went still talking, laughing and having a grand time in general. It is always beautiful in the mountains with the snow on them.

I was feeling crappier by the minute and decided to bail out for home. I was only about a mile or so from the truck but it seemed much longer. Upon arriving at home, the gear was stowed, clothes changed and some hot food was in order. I was feeling worse still. Bed came early, I did not see the ball drop for the New Year. No complaints.

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