Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Run for the Hills!!!!!

Is it time to panic?

Is the sky falling?

Should we scream and shout?

Are we to run in decreasing radius circles until you can only rotate? (its an engineer thing)

Daughter #2 has her temp driving permit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do so love Ed Roth's Rat Fink images!

Just a bit of followup. We have gone driving twice so far and all goes well. Saturday afternoon was sith the RAV. Sunday morning was out with the mighty Bronco to play on some dirt trails. One of the first comments was that the Bronce sure was a lot different than the RAV. We had to stop and clean the Bronco windows as it is not a daily driver and sit collecting dust when it isn't hunting season. She said that her hands were getting sore from the death grip on the wheel trying to figure out a path through the ruts. Woohoo!

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