Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deer Season Approaches!

My muzzle loader and I await the start of the season with great anticipation. I really enjoy camping and hunting. It is also looked forward to as this is my first vacation for the last year. A couple of years ago we had discovered that if you were in a certain spot in camp, raised one arm, stood on one foot and held your mouth just right, you could get the cell phone to work. I guess that is a good thing. My better half thinks so as she worries about me, especially if I am alone. She does not seem reassured when I make statements such as, "If I die out here, it won't be for lack of firepower."

You are allowed to carry a non-hunting pistol when archery or muzzle loader hunting here. That is defined a weapon with a barrel length of less than 6" and no electronic sights. I will carry my 4 5/8" Super Blackhawk while hunting. It is not uncommon for me to carry more than one pistol when in camp and keep a rifle handy. I had discovered during one cold elk hunt that my jacket seemed heavy. I had the SBH on my belt but was using the jacket as a storage device. Three more pistols were in different pockets. I had the 1911 (45acp) in one pocket, EAA (9mm) in the other pocket, a PF9 in my vest pocket, and various magazines. Guess I was going for the NY reload style of carry. I am not that paranoid as some target practice was taking place earlier and weapons had been placed in convenient places. It was too heavy so I put a couple away.

Wish me luck!


Mr Bill said...

Luck is for sissies and little girlies that bring about an unmodified .22 to a steel shoot!

I have little doubt that a pro like yourself will survive the elements yet again, and possibly even bring home the doe... er... the buck.

That being said...
May the sun be shining, yet the winds be cool. May you always find yourself downwind of the prey at hand. And should you find yourself surrounded by bounty a plenty... may the stiff smell of skunk scent be strong with you!

Primeval Papa said...

The skunk scent is always strong around me when hunting.