Monday, April 06, 2009

New Shooter!

A co-worker who had never shot was becoming interested as he listened to some of us talk about Steel Challenge shoots etc. I offered to take KT to the Pima Pistol range to try out a weapon or two. That offer was accepted and I picked KT up at 7:30AM yesterday morning. We reviewed some basics (TAB+1) and range rules on the way there. We set up at the pistol range for a morning of target shooting.
I set him up at 7 yards to start. We started with a Rossi 22 pump just to get used to the idea of sighting and range noise. He proceeded to shoot a Walther P22, Ruger Old Model Single Six, EAA Witness Match Elite 9mm, Commander 45acp, and a Ruger Super Blackhawk. The target was moved out to 15 yards during the 9mm session as it was obvious that he really did not need to shoot at 7 yards. I have some plinker load for the 44mag (900 fps) that are easy to shoot. KT shot some of these and then a few factory few tilt loads to end the session. Good job KT! I had fun, he had fun, and all range rules were followed.
Favorite gun? Commander.
Slap my hand as I forgot to take a camera. This can be rectified as he wants to go again and we shall remind each other about taking the camera.

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