Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sporting Clays

I decided to take a break from Trap & Skeet on Sunday morning and went over to Tucson Trap & Skeet for a round of Sporting Clays. It is understood that I have a strange idea of taking a break.

Sporting Clays was developed from Trap and Skeet, but it is a completely different game. The game is played in a more natural setting(s) which with several different target presentations from different locations with varying flight paths. Sporting Clays was originally designed to emulate small game hunting. Targets can be thrown as single targets, simultaneous pairs, or report pairs. There are a variety of targets in addition to the standard clay bird. These include small targets, very small targets, "rabbits" that roll and bounce on edge across the ground, arcing birds, and some heavy rockets that are very fast and maintain speed. Targets are launched from one side to the other, quartering away, quartering in, inbound, outbound, overhead, underfoot, or straight up in the air. You get the idea - every whichway.

A round of Sporting Clays will require 100 shots. I did not do all that good but better than my companions. My score was 54 with the others at 34 & 35. People that shoot this competitively will be in the 80-90 range. There are different classifications for the competition. I may have to give one a try in the newbe class. Throwing lead downrange is fun!

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