Monday, February 25, 2008

Steel Match

We went over to Pima Pistol Club to shoot a steel match. I have seen one shot before but this was my first match. My hat's off to PPC and the shooters there. The people were professional and friendly. It was no problem for a first time steel shooter to feel comfortable. I will get my score later after posting but will only use this as a benchmark for future improvement. I did not expect to do well as I am no pistolero but I was pleased in that I did better than anticpated.

Kevin did quite well for a first shoot. He may have other thoughts but I know that he shot at least 30 rounds less than me.

What FUN! We will take some photos and post them the next time. One of the stages had a building facade with windows and door as shooting stations. There were a few comments admiring my form when I needed to crouch down to shoot through the windows. I am a little on the tall side and that window came about to my bellybutton when standing. I thought I had fine form for my squatshot. I know that the snickers I heard from behind me were just from being jealous of my fine form.

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