Friday, March 31, 2006

Wrong Flag

I believe the demonstrations involving the display of the American flag upsidedown and under the Mexican flag sends a loud message. Mexico is best and we disrespect the US. Let's turn the US into a nation just like Mexico.

Golly, I thought everyone was leaving there for better opportunities here and to become US citizens. My bad. If you are here for the money only then the sooner you leave the better as the welcome mat is not out. If you want to be a citizen then the mat is back out.

One of the neighbors has a Mexican flag on display. There is no disrespectful display of the American flag. I find it mildly irritating but it's his house. I would hesitate to display a foreign flag in another country anywhere but in the good old USA.

My stance on the policy is that we should:
1 - Build that wall, NOW. We must end the uncontrolled invasion that is taking place.
2 - Get the people working here a path to citizenship if they are not criminals. That is aside from being here illegally.
3 - Get the people who are criminals deported or prosecuted.
4 - Set a viable guest worker program and enforce it.
5 - Make it a federal offense in the future.

Don't like my opinions? I have the same answer to you as to those who don't like my neighbors flag. That's too bad as this is the USA.

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