Thursday, February 23, 2006

Putting in Fences

Can you say, "I hate caliche"? Digging holes in the Southwest has to be one of my least favorite tasks. Actually, I don't think that I like to dig in any part of the country.

I would like to offer some of the better hole digging techniques. The best diggers are children so it only makes sense to let them dig while you pretend to work at other tasks. Offer them money when they become disillusioned with the task but do remember that offering and paying are different topics. As the payer, always remember to negotiate the price for these services after the task is complete. Use your wife as a reason to not immediately know how much the task is worth. "I'll have to ask your mother what she thinks it is worth." Praise any digging efforts even though the hole may be five times the diameter necessary as it is much easier to fill un-needed space back in. Try to remember if there is anything that they already owe you for so that you may get at least twice its value. It may even be a good idea to buy them something so that you can proceed to overcharge for it.

Did I mention that I hate caliche?

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