Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Why I Support States Having Professional Engineering (PE) Requirements.


Math is "Subjective" And "Used to Normalize Racism and Marginalization of Non-Eurocentric Mathematical Knowledges"

The statement about math being subjective and blah, blah, a lame excuse. This really translates to, "Math is hard and I don't want to have to do anything hard."

Profession Engineer examination become more critical and important to public safety when schools start to dumb down the engineering curriculum. I do not want to be anywhere near a public building or electrical substation designed by someone who cannot perform the correct calculations.

There have been some recent arguments that a four year degree is all that should be required to advertise yourself as an Engineer. There is so much that is not taught during those four years, even at a good college, that none of the recent grads should want to take personal liability for public safety in their designs. The mentoring under a current PE and then the capability to pass the exam are very important to competent design and public safety.

I believe there was one lawsuit based on the principal that the designer had a degree and had been performing this function for years for private industry. Why should he have to have a PE to advertise to the public as an Engineer? My question would be as to why you are afraid to take the exam if you are soo good at what you do?

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Bronco is Blessed


It was raining off and on during my 2019 deer hunt and I noticed this rainbow. It came right down on the Bronco. I can never sell it now as it has been touched by a rainbow! I made diligent search around and under it but alas there was no pot of gold to be found. I think that I will put in my will that I want to be buried in it.

An Era has Passed - Rush is Gone

 It is sad that Rush is gone early. I listened to his show only occasionally so I probably would not qualify as a Ditto Head. There was always a strong effort for facts and analysis on many topics. He seemed to stay away from vitriol. I could never stand the hosts that were shouting at me as volume convinces me of nothing. Rush Limbaugh was a Great American. Rest in peace.

Who is going to try to fill his shoes?

Grand Baby #2

Beautiful baby girl! I decided that I needed to start posting anew since it has been some time since the last one. This is a perfect starter since babies are beautiful!

 Her brother is quite pleased that she has arrived.

We are quite pleased for our daughter and son-in-law.

Did I mention that babies are beautiful?

Monday, June 17, 2019

Father's Day

My Sweetie surprised me as I had forgotten that I had the below circled in one of the catalogs. Nice gift!

Almost made me want to take something apart and put it together last night just so that I could play with the tools.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Just Thinking

Just thinking again and it still hurts. Best man I ever knew.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Getting Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse

Just kidding as I am actually getting ready for some steel shoots. I was doing inventory and relocated these older polymer coated bullets from Lucky 13 so I loaded them up. This company seems to have folded. The green color on these was called Zombie 13. I had loaded a few for a test batch some time ago and they shot well.

I am having poor luck with companies. Lucky 13 is gone. I have purchased bullets from Eggleston as they had good prices and polymer coats in different colors. They are now transitioning to new ownership and no orders are being taken until the transfer is completed. We shall see what their prices look like when they come back online for sales.

It is time to get back to some blogging and some steel shoots!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Glow in the Dark Wild Boar!!??

Wild boars roam Czech forests - and some of them are radioactive

Hunting radioactive boar at night could be an alternative to wild boar hunting in Texas! Some of the boar have been eating a seasonal false truffles which have an affinity for Caesium 137 which is what was released in copious quantities at Chernobyl.
From the article ....
"The semi-good news is that even meat from radioactive animals would be a health hazard only in large doses, Drapal said. You would have to eat it several times a week for couple of months, to get sick, he said."

I can hear the conversation in the night time hunting blind now, "OK Comrade, don't shoot the glowing one in that pack. It probably has too high a level of nuclear energy to use the meat. The others you can take because you can eat a little bit of them."

I will have to get my thoughts around that statement. Let's see, the half life of Caesium 137 is 30 years. You have taken it into the system by ingesting it. The race is on! How long does it take the body to purge all of it out of the system before you have that next pulled pork sandwich? I guess you could add a little Prussian Blue to the diet which could it get it out of the system a bit quicker but I think I may just pass.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fishing at Silverbell

We went fishing at the Aaron Lodge #49 Masonic Family Picnic that was held at Christopher Columbus Park. A fine time was had by all and there was a nice turnout. Don't laugh at my little fish as I believe that it was the only one of the day!
There may a trend developing here in that I must take a picture of every teeny fish I catch when going out. I am sure that I will do the same if anything notable (in a larger sense) is caught.
I am having fun with the teeny fish pictures.

UPDATE: I needed to update this post with a picture from the 2019 picnic. I am becoming more proficient at catching very little fish!